did you know the 1986 congress set you up and hijacked vaccines?

vaccine damage is a human rights tragedy

vaccines: Massive Betrayal of Public Trust

Vaccine Injury is Real

Parents everywhere have witnessed the injury caused by vaccines. Ignorant medical professionals and others too damaged to understand the problem can't or won't face facts, vaccines have caused injury and death.  

BigPharma trains doctors for blind leads blind medical profiteering

Medical doctors receive about one half day of vaccine training in 6-8 years of medical school. Their ongoing vaccine  "training" is all done by the profiteers of vaccines. The "training" is focused on remedy of symptoms which are potentially caused by  vaccine damage, both latent and immediate. Most doctors are willfully ignorant of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Report) and are untrained in vaccine damage symptoms, creating a viscous cycle of "blind leading blind" medical practice.

HHS admitted they haven't safety tested vaccines in 32 years

The 1986 Vaccine Injury Fund was agreed to by Ronald Reagan when he was promised safety testing and reporting would be conducted.  Independent Safety testing never happened, and what's more, no combinations of single shot vaccines have ever been tested by vaccines.

since 1986 congress gave vaccines a free pass

Did you know you cannot sue vaccine manufacturers for damage?


In 1986, Congressional immunity for BigPharma vaccine related damage paved the way for government corruption and vaccine manufacturers. The Vaccine Injury Act established the Vaccine Injury "Court", a company that funds settlements paid for by you, the taxpayer and insurance premium payer.  The vast amount of settlement seekers were obstructed from collecting funds for vaccine damage.  

What agencies are involved?


 Working together, The Agencies (corporations within the Administrative Federal Government) and HHS, DHS, FEMA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Food & Drug  Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Office of the  General Counsel (OGC), Human Resources & Services Administration  (HRSA), and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) even the Military have devised a multi agency swamp process to cast responsibility across multiple agencies so noone person can ever untangle the nefarious mess legally or seek financial damage and compensation for injury.  

How do I qualify for this lawsuit?


The only qualification necessary for this class action lawsuit is you need to sign an affidavit you were not notified you had no right to sue the procedural administrator for vaccine damage in a due process federal court.  Your damage is your right to justice for injury and potential injury has been denied and violated.

General Information on Vaccine damage


Build your knowledge about vaccine damage

Silencing Critics and Vaxx Skeptics


Censorship by ignorance, disbelief or the blatantly malicious abounds on the subject of vaccines.  Social media, the education field and people in general have been indoctrinated and lied to. And that's a fact.

Medical Mafia Harass the Wise


Just say no.  You have a right to your life, liberty, and property and that includes your health. Make informed choices. Say no to untested vaccines.

Holistic Vaccines are Available


Avoid unnecessary vaccines, treatments, and drugs. 

Pet vaccines can cause injury


Vaccine corruption spans the entire medical field.  Mandates by groomers, vets and boarding, even dog parks are unwary collusive agents to the mass vaccine movement. Chemical brain damage from heavy metals can cause a sweet dog to become a fearful problem

Tell a friend, vaccines were hijacked


Something that can be used for good got hijacked.  Until vaccines can be safe again, it's best to avoid them.


Sign the petition to repeal the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act & Hold BigPharma Accountable