Vaccine Injury "Court" and Vaccines Got Hijacked Lawsuit

If I have a case pending in vaccine injury "court", can I join VaccinesGotHijacked?

Yes,  anyone any age can join. If you are a minor, your guardian may sign for you to join. The awards check must be payable into a guardianship account.

How is Vaccines Got Hijacked different from injury court?

 Your possibility of an award in Vaccine Injury Court (a company pretending to be a court, a fake court) is predicated on your attorney's ability to prove damage in a world filled with bad actors working together to cover up willful damage.  VGH lawsuit simply says you weren't notified you couldn't sue for damage in a regular court. 

How does the Defense Fund of Vaccines Got Hijacked Work?

It's a fund you join to become a member of the class action lawsuit. It processes your application and updates clients on the lawsuit.

HHS admitted wrongdoing not testing for 32 years, can't they be held responsible?

The lawsuit settled November, 2018 identified vaccines as a single dose or in combination were not independently tested in 32 years and no reports were filed, which violated the federal guidelines for safety standards. However, since it was settled, the case will not be used as  case law.

Trump's HHS office is actively taking cases

On January 18,2018, Trump's HHS established  the  Conscience and Religious Freedom handle complaints regarding mandates and vaccine injury in the Civil Division. We advise clients to continue to pursue this avenue as well.

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