As of March 17, 2019 misleading vaccine mandates, institutional requirements, lack of independent commissions to verify contents safety  and  subversion of rights are continually misinforming the public about vaccines.  Mainstream media is giving undue time to false flag vaxx related events, while truth is being subverted, censored, and even criminalized by legislative mandates to  create legal traps for those who wish to abstain from risking injury to themselves or families.   Authentically Informed consent does not exist without truth, and currently their is no verification system in place to protect our health, safety and welfare.

VaccineGate exposes medical fraud

GRAS list deception

In 1986, the FDA began adding agents such as Monsanto Glyphosate (Round-up) to the "Generally Regarded As SAfe" or G.R.A.S. List. Because they classified vaccines as "non-biologics", adding polysorbate 80 and many other toxins to the list, vaccines were allowed to become contaminated inducing brain damage, chemical internal burning, seizures, auto immune, and death.

Vaccine Truth is Polarizing

After people realize the harm caused by vaccine damage, they become aware and can self protect against further injury. Until they overcome decades of lies, deception, and their egotistical arrogance, they remain victimized by self-perpetuating cognitive dissonance. 

#Vaccinegate There is a solution

In December 2018, Italy fired health "safety" agencies upon learning millions was spent blatantly deceiving the public about vaccine contamination.  For just $11,000.00 US, the CORVELO, the President's independent commission had vaccines tested and found it contained no substantive antigens (disease fighting substances). This of course exposed the blatant corruption of GlaxoSmithKline; they had produced a shot with no healthful benefit. Ongoing testing continues to expose the corruption.